Let's run down the list:

  1. Macrovision

  2. Now a lot of people have no idea who Macrovision is, and still more people confuse Macrovision for Macromedia (Macromedia makes the popular Flash application used in web sites).

    Macrovision, for the uninitiated makes their entire business out of robbing consumers out of their fair use rights to make legal copies of media they buy. Ever tried to copy a DVD or VHS movie? Odds are it didn't work because Macrovision technology is there to ensure that it won't.

    All of this is done in the name of antipiracy, of course the technologies in use are completely trivial for well financed pirating organizations to get around, the only ones affected by these methods are the consumers who are in almost all cases making a perfectly legal backup copy of a movie so they can safely store the original.

    Now many people would blame the companies that use the Macrovision technology for the evil, and certainly they are no angels, but Macrovision is the company that provides the tools, and the tools serve no purpose other than infringing on people rights, so they get my vote.

  3. RIAA

  4. Ahh, the Recording Industry Association of America, an organization that hardly needs an introduction, lets just bring up some of their more stellar accomplishments, suing their customers and suing 13 year old girls.

  5. Microsoft

  6. I debated about adding Microsoft to the list but I figured people would complain if I didn't.

  7. US Government

  8. This was also a debatable submission. Some would call it more inept than evil but I think it's both.

  9. SCO

  10. If you aren't a techie you may not have a clue who SCO is or why they are evil, basically they couldn't make money so they decided to file a bunch of really large (>1 billion dollars) groundless lawsuits on the hopes that they would get a settlement or get bough out outright.

  11. GEICO

  12. Now I'd imagine everyone's heard of GEICO, and many of you are probably wondering how a company with a cute lizard for a spokesman could be evil but let me tell you.

    For years now GEICO has been funding the development of speed measurement technologies (radar & laser guns) as well as subsidizing the deployment of these technologies to law enforcement organizations. Why you may ask? Because more tickets results directly results in higher car insurance rates. If you are still wondering if GEICO is evil, if you have received a speeding ticket thanks to a radar or laser device in the past 15 years, GEICO is at least partially responsible.

  13. Parent's Television Council

  14. Now these guys get an extra evil boost because they pretend to be a good (as opposed to amoral) organization. This is the small group that is responsible for more than 99% of all FCC complaints.

    Their agenda is simple, they want to choose what you can watch on TV or hear on the radio.

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